We're A Leading Company Within the Healthcare Industry

YesCare is the nation’s proven leader in quality correctional healthcare solutions. As industry pioneers, we set the standard — and we continue to discover new and even better ways to provide exemplary service to our partners and exceptional care to our patients every day.

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YesCare offers a variety of exciting job opportunities for nurses, including full-time, part-time and PRN positions.

Nursing Careers

With the growth of both YesCare and the correctional healthcare industry, we offer a variety of site, regional and corporate management job opportunities. We have operations management jobs for talented professionals who have experience as an administrator, supervisor, or regional manager in a healthcare field.

Management Careers

As the nation’s leading correctional healthcare provider, YesCare offers a wide variety of ancillary, administrative, sales, marketing, human resources, information technology, and other business and finance jobs to support our healthcare professionals who work in the field.

Corporate Careers

Without the strain of working long hours and holidays, YesCare Health physicians can pursue personal interests while enjoying a rewarding career. YesCare physicians spend their work day practicing medicine without the burden of staffing, overhead expenses, and billing.

Providers Careers

Working as a behavioral health professional in the correctional environment offers a fulfilling, rewarding career path for psychiatrists, psychologists, and behavioral health professionals.

Behavioral Health Careers